Saturday, October 18, 2008

You're Giving Me a Heart Attack

PMR is done.
but, I'm still scared 'cause of the results.
and I'm telling myself there's no point.
cause there's really nothing I can do.

(extreme apologies to boring blog post ahead, picture uploader is STILL being evil)

so, I'll blog a happy blog.
Liverpool won, 3-2 against Wigan
not good.
well, better.
but not good.
firstly, they were losing 2-1
2nd-ly, they didn't score until the end
3rd-ly, it's their homeground

it's kinda good cause Torres wasn't playing.
and it's extremely scary that they're playing Chelsea next week.
and again, Torres isn't playing.
but I'll blog about that another time.

I stayed the night at Iman's house.
but, before that, we went for movies in Curve
and after that, a whole "where is Iman" drama came on.
long story
and very UGHH story.

so yeah, we watched Max Payne and House Bunny
Max Payne was okay, I guess?
House Bunny was extremely HILARIOUS!
it was, DYINGLY funny.
we watched that in that Platinum Class in Cathey Cineplex?
it was like, 25 bucks.
cheaper and nicer than GSC Gold Class.
it's really comfy!

then, we watched a bunch of Veronica Mars.

and then, Iman's birthday dinner! which I just returned from.
people that were there: Katrina, Jia Shern, Eening, Shaun (whom we haven't seen for a while), Mei Yi, Jamie, Elyas, Suet Mun, Tash, Alysha (who went to KL Hilton by mistake at first. lol), Shafiq, Dickson and Daniel

it was really fun.

had cake. talked. took a bunch of pictures. the guys played a bit of poker?? =.=

AND, the pictures can't be uploaded. STILL
so, here's the link.


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Am said...

Atletico today!:D