Sunday, October 12, 2008

Ballon d'Or

I am not supposed to be using the computer
but I had to print all the tips thingy
thanks, Am

and I'm kinda, waiting to print cause my parents are watching tv
and the printer's making too much noise.
so, whilst waiting....

I was looking through some articles,
and, Fernando Torres is one of the football players to be nominated the Ballon d'Or
it's French, for Golden Ball
it's a European Footballer of the Year Award.

last year, Kaka won it
Cristiano Ronaldo coming in 2nd
and Lionel Messi 3rd

and THIS year, the ones that have been chosen are Cristiano Ronaldo (yet again!) and Lionel Messi (AGAIN), also Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas and yada yada
so I'm dyingly hoping that Torres will become first! (:
I'm dying

Kaka won with 444 points
Cristiano Ronaldo with 277
and Lional Messi with 255


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Am said...

I can continue Liverpooling after Friday,YAY!

*you'll never walk alone