Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't Be Too Quick to Judge

yesterday, I was supposed to go to Curve.
but, it was a bit haywire-y
so, I stayed home. :/ again

I went to school. to try the school team cheer.
and Jeannie's decided she doesn't want to continue so, I'm not going to either.
although, they're kinda scary.
and it creeps me out to quit.
but I don't wanna loner there.

I've been reading all the WONDERFUL articles of Liverpool's win against both, Real and Man Utd.
and Fernando Torres.
Steven Gerrard.
all the lovely articles. (;
they had like, so many shots against Real.
but Real has such an AMAZING, godlike goalkeeper that only 4 of them managed to slip through.
and against Man Utd, those 4 that went in were just, so amazing I don't think Van der Sar had any chance to save them. (:

Eight goals in five days against Europe's most elevated powers: their manager Rafael Benitez must be looking forward to the next round of contract negotiations now. The reason for all this was Torres. 

“After that, we tried to play simply and go forward quickly. And we knew that with the movement of Fernando Torres, we could create problems for their defence.”


Soccernet's team of the week!

GK: Chris Kirkland (Wigan) 
Fabio Aurelio (Liverpool) 
Joleon Lescott (Everton) 
Jonathan Woodgate (Spurs) 
Steven Taylor (Newcastle) 
Charles N'Zogbia (Wigan) 
Steven Gerrard (Liverpool) 
Michael Essien (Chelsea) 
Aaron Lennon (Spurs) 
Andrei Arshavin (Arsenal) 
Fernando Torres (Liverpool)

Manager: Rafael Benitez (Liverpool)

I bolded Andrei Arshavin as well cause I like Arshavin (;

kay, I'm off!

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We should have more mango lohs together :)