Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep, Deep Down, I'm Happy

it's really late now.
I'm staying up to study some Biology.
I think it's going pretty well.
I'm starting to adapt to it.
which is really good.
I'm just taking a little break cause I'm like, about to fall asleep.

so, it seems like Adam Lambert has been doing well (;
Kris Allen as well.
which are my 2 favourites.
but Adam Lambert's definitely a plus.
he's too talented to describe, no kidding.
all the articles are talking about how well Adam's doing for the tour.
I guess Kris Allen as well?
would love to see them live. (:
Allison Iraheta and Matt Giraud as well.

anyway, tomorrow, I'm going to really start watching a lot of shows!
tests'll be over.
Fireflies at Kuala Selangor on Wednesday? (;

blaghh. I think I'm just stalling.
need to continue studying noww.

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