Thursday, July 16, 2009

No Regrets

Class test 3 next week.

I am frustrated.
I really REALLY am.

firstly, I, Ho Te-Sha, will not be going to Singapore on the 26th of July.
no, I won't.
I won't be watching Liverpool live.
right in front of my face.
I won't.

secondly, Kim Hyun Joong is losing the poll thingy thingy.
which makes me sad.

lastly, Eening sent me a site which says the a Sims 3 Exclusive Pack is RM165.
when I, Ho Te-Sha, had bought a regular Sims 3 from Australia for RM280 (give or take)
which makes me really, really frustrated.
some times, things are just so bloody pissing off! jeeeez.

I'm going to kill someone.

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