Sunday, July 5, 2009

Red, Black and White. Stunners, that's Right.

loooong day.
woke up at around 3am to reach school at 4am.
yada yada.

Blitzers won.
Shirtliff 2nd.
Calyx 3rd?
4th was? I can't remember
but 5th was Dynamitez? I think?

soo, we don't know our placing or anything.
since we weren't top 5.
which is actually quite sad.
I thought the All-boys Team could get something.
or we could?
but, I'm happy.
cheer's over. and I'm exhausted.

a team played a KHJ song for cheer (:
well, a SS501 song. but, still.
I didn't know the song, but it started with "Double S (korean words)"

I don't think I'm going to school tomorrow.
not sure just yet.
I'll see. (:

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