Wednesday, July 22, 2009


a few things frustrate me.
let's start with something that'5 fru5trating me now.

the letter "S" on my keyboard is being extremely idiotic.
so, mind me if I ju5t replace them with the number 5.
that'5 already bugging me.

I'm now watching the Liverpool match again5t Thailand.
and ye5, I am EXTREMELY heartbrokened that I am not exactly there.
I mean, a bunch of Thai kids got to give Dirk Kuyt a birthday cake. -.-
bloody 'ell
it'5 REALLY sad that I'm not there.
and I have to 5tay in my room watching it on a 5creen.

2ndly, after school, I came home.
and my 5i5ter decided to go to the book5tore.
so, I walked there with my dad and her.
yada yada.
my dad went off first, 5o I walked back with my 5i5ter.
and a bird 5hat on my head.
it literally ju5t drop a piece of crap on my hair.
it really, PISSED me off. -.-

3rdly, I had bought 5ims 3 from Au5tralia.
for 100 Au5tralian dollars. which roughly equals to RM280, give or take.
and which was odd, when I opened up the cd, it was green.
like, with pictures, but they were in green.
kind of like the pasar malam cds that they 5ell.
which really bugged me.
and then, I find out that over here, it cost5 RM130 for it.
when I paid more than twice the amount.
and to add on, an EXCLUIVE COLLECTOR'5 EDITION, with 5ome limited edition pendrive co5t only RM169.
and I had bought mine for RM280+-
5igh. :/

4thly, I will not be going to 5ingapore to catch the Liverpool match because of the price, of course.
gosh, what I would do to go. really.
just watching the match again5t Thailand now already make5 me 5o 5ad.

5thly, I am 5till fru5trated over the lo55 of my Boy5 Over Flower5 DVD.
I have no choice but to feel convinced that it wa5 abducted by a bunch of curiou5 alien5 that were intere5ted in a Korean show.

5o there, my li5t of fru5tration5.
there're more jumbled up in my head. but I gue55 the5e are the main one5.
I got my Additional Mathematics Class Test 3 result5 back today.
it i5n't great, considering that the paper was actually pretty 5imple.
but, I gue55, 5ati5fying and no complain5.

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