Monday, July 13, 2009

Change is Gonna Come

hello. I just finished dinner.
I had an awesome and long nap
mmm (:
well, I'm still pretty tired.
I slept at 2am last night and woke up at 4am.
then I had to get my Sejarah project done.
so I went to school with only 2 hours of sleep.

we had a lab test today.
which was really fun (:
I really enjoyed it.
hope we have stuff like that more often.

also, it was AWFULLY hazy today.
started coughing a lot.
and had some slight difficulties with breathing.
but it's probably just all in my mind. no idea.
my cough's pretty annoying now.
can't stand it -.-

I bought some odd mentos in Pentronas today.
it was Cola flavoured.
tasted funny. :/

right, Class Test 3 is making it's way closer and closer.
they changed the system.
now it's all within a week.
and all the form 4s have it at the same time.
and I have been having unsteady presence in school for the last 5 weeks.
therefore, I'm probably failing them all.
sigh. -.-

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