Monday, July 27, 2009

Torresic Cavity (;

I noticed something today. (:
I was having Bio extra classes.
and Ms.Yee said, "thoracic cavity"
and I thought she was going to say Torres
so I started laughing.
she was just going to say thoracic cavity.
I had a good day in school today, I guess.
despite the constant "so, Tesha, did you go to Singapore?"
which hurt me. like a stab in my heart.
and a lot of them were doing it. so, it was sad.
but other than that, I had a pretty good day.
laughed a lot.
my classmates are hilarious.

I actually watched the match last night. obviously.
but it was a delayed one.
gah, when Torres took off his shirt.
and Agger.
and Xabi Alonso.
gosh, makes it even worse that I wasn't there.
no joke.
and apparently, they were really amazing to the Singaporean fans.

I got back a few results today.
just 2. Sejarah and Modern Mathematics.
I got 97 for Mod. Mathematics.
and I got 45% for Sejarah.
I know people would be like, "WHAT? that sucks!"
but to me, I'm damn happy (:
it's over 40 -- 20 for structural and 20 for essay.
and I got NOTHING for structural but 18 for essay
which made me pretty happy.

was hoping to get back more results.
but, I guess tomorrow?

last test tomorrow.
my worst Science.

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