Thursday, July 9, 2009

If It Doesn't Kill You

I'm not feeling so good.
so, I don't think I'll be going to school tomorrow :/

I'm watching Skins.
so farnehh
yes, Tony is extremely cute.
Chris isn't so bad either, actually (:
and Maxxie is DAMN adorable.
at first, weirdly enough, I found Sid quite cute.
and reminded me of Ron Weasley.
and he was actually quite adorable.
but now, not so much.
but he looks good with a beanie.
and Tony just keeps getting hotter each time I see him. blaghh (:

it's a good showw! funny. (:

blaghh, Mitch Hewer and Nicholas Hoult are so damned adorable!

and Sid is so adorable lahhh!
and he's sweet. and nice.
but he looks better with the beanie.


Sid's so adorable.
Chris is so sweet!
Maxxie is SOO adorable.
Tony's just cute. and he's quite the assy. so, he's okay.
but Maxxie is SOOOO cute.
he looks a bit like the High School Musical guy though. Lucas Gabriel or something?
blagh, I'm loving it (:
the guys, the movie. wooop

oh, and Iman has gone to UK.
not so sure when she'll be back, though.

blaghh, Chris is so sweet.
and Maxxie is friggin' hot! ahghhghslajkljkljfopewko;kl,

I need someone to complain to and talk to and get overexcited to when I'm watching a show.
but Iman's gone ):

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