Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mrs. Brightside

helloo, I just got back from cheer
and had dinner.
yada yada,
I have tuition in about, less than an hour?

I'm extremely exhausted,
there's a karangan due tomorrow,
and A LOT due tomorrow.
I need a breeeeak.

I haven't been doing much when I'm home.
I just laze around.
and my mom's getting so mad.
saying I'm not putting in any effort.
but, come on, I am soooo exhausted.
from hours in school and hours in cheer!

anywhoo, I think, I've finalised that I'm going to take art.
first, I was sure, went to ask the teacher, and I was very sure.
then people started throwing opinions at me,
and I had 2nd thoughts.
but now, I think, I'm pretty sure.
though, my art pretty much sucks,
but I would like to learn,
fingers crossed,
hopefully I can do ittt!

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