Saturday, January 2, 2010

All New!

it's a New Yearr!
school's starting soon
as in, VERY soon

I'm watching Coffee Prince.
almost done with it.
my god, it is one CRAZY show.
no kidding.
it's sorta disturbing, but sweet.
but, WTH? ohgosh, freeeak showww.
but I think I like it. but sorta find it a little weird.

never mind that.
I think I need to wrap my books.
I'm not sure if my pencil box is properly filled.
and I'm scaredddddd for school.

anyway, Happy New Yearrr!


AHHH! it really looks like many wanna buy Fernando Torres
he belongs in Liverpoooool! ):
might be the better for him.
but! we neeeeed himm.

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