Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Whatever that is Green

I haven't been updating for a while.
didn't find any interest to. :/
but now that it's 5am.
and I have Biology exams tomorrow,
I've decided to update.

so far, I've taken BM, Sejarah, English, Chemistry, Add Math and Moral.
some were REALLY bad. but some were okay, I guess? hopefully.
anyway, hopefully I'll be able to do okay for Biology.
fingerscrossed. x

anyway, Kris Allen has a single which is a cover of the Script's song and I think a video is coming out.
Allison Iraheta has a single.
and Adam Lambert's Time for Miracles is out! (; and the title of his album will be For Your Entertainment. and Lady Gaga wrote a song for him! that could be interesting (;
loooove Adam Lambert.

Liverpool JUST played against Lyon.
and lost -.-
2-1 Steven Gerrard was subbed out after about 25 minutes.
Fernando Torres wasn't fit to play.
everything just went shit.
they also lost to Sunderland. -.-
to a red beach ball.
Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard didn't play then either.
sigh, things aren't going so well for Liverpool.
Benitez' fault? :/ 4 losses in a row.

okay, back to Biology (;

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