Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happiness is..

it is 5am. again.
and I am about to die.
I'll probably be waking up late tomorrow.
which, is not a good idea at all.
I have not studied Physics.
and I was hoping to do well.
I got hooked onto Private Practice.
and I cannot believe it just ended that way.
and, I need to rant.
so, here I am.

I cannot believe it ended with Addison and she's not with the oh-so charming guy!
married or not. he loves her. and I loove him. he's just, meltingly charming.
and, I checked, that was the last episode he appears in. which, SUCKS.
also, of course, VIOLET has a friggin' psychotic person who comes and wants to cut her because she claims Violet stole her baby. -.-
I'm dying here.

with, a Physics exam on Monday.
BUT, it is amazing to know that Monday, is the last day.
but then again, so far, my papers have been feeling crappy.
and I wanna do well!
so, I'm gonna go to sleep soon.
and wake up tomorrow and study.
knowing that I haven't even touched the experiments.
so, I'll just sleep.
in suspense.
that I might die from.
ohgosh, kill me -.-

Liverpool. tomorrow. :/

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