Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Liverpool's match was just over.
after the first half, Arsenal was leading. 1-0
scored by Arshavin.

then 2nd half,
Torres scored a goal, making it a draw 1-1
and then Benayoun with a header. which looked like only half a goal.
but, anyway, Liverpool were leading 2-1
then Arshavin scored another goal, making it 2-2
and then, scored another one. which then made Arsenal lead 3-2
and Arshavin with a hat-trick.
and then Liverpool equalised with a goal by Torres. 3-3
and then Arshavin scored for Arsenal, again. 4-3
and then Benayoun scored another which made it 4-4

a 2nd consecutive Liverpool match that has drawn 4-4.
I mean, it's a game with a lot of goals.
but, it's not a good thing.
sigh. I am, SAD. no joke. -.-

I like Arshavin. I do.
but, damn I wish he didn't score so many.
well, the first goal was Macherano's fault.
and the 2nd goal was kinda Arbeloa's fault.
idiot #2 -.-

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