Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Do You Deserve?

people always, ALWAYS, and I really mean ALWAYS get punished terribly for the bad things that they do.
or disappointing things.
or even the slightest of mistakes that happen.

but, they NEVER get rewarded for the good things that they do.
or the effort that they put in.
or even for the kindness they provide.
maybe people do get rewarded.
but not as much as people get punished.

maybe, a pat on the head.
or a "good job"
or a, "wow. great"
but, when it's a mistake, it's nagging and shouting and all sorts of bullshit.

I thought I'd have a happy day.
'cause I came home happy.
but now, I'm officially annoyed and pissed off.
you say, "learn to deal with disappointment better"
please, that is BEYOND hypocritical.
I'll give you disappointment, and we'll see if you can just shove it off and "deal with it better"
shaddup lah. stoop. -.-

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