Thursday, April 9, 2009

Do You Live Life in Regret?

first off, Liverpool lost to Chelsea 3-1 at Anfield.
I slept at 4:30,
thinking, okay, I have 2 hrs to sleep before I wake up.
and there's Archuleta. which I wasn't so keen on watching since I was so sad.

so this morning, I woke up and thought to myself
"ah, screw it. I'm too sad to watch Archuleta"

so I decided not to go to school.
and now, as I sit here and type all this,
I am feeling 2 times more depressed because I REALLY regret not going.
I mean, I never was an Archuleta fan,
but, I think it would've been nice to go.
and I SERIOUSLY, regret.
as in, the I-wanna-turn-back-time-just-this-once kind of regret.
and I rarely feel this way.
this is SO sad.
I feel like dying.

I seriously suddenly feel SOO sad. sigh.
I should've gone!
I know I shouldn't live life in this kind of regret,
but, it's too sad.


for me.

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