Sunday, April 19, 2009

Falling Slowly

ever felt like there's a lot of time;
but, at the same time, there isn't enough time.
I mean, I feel like I've got LOADS of time in life, of course,
but I only have 24 hrs today.

class tests are this week.
and I haven't studied.
and I'm supposed to have lunch later.
but I want to study.
but if I stay home,
I doubt that I'll study.
but if I go to lunch,
and come home it would most likely be around 4 something?
and then I'd do some stuff.
and then I have tuition.

so, I kinda decided I'll go for lunch.
instead of wasting time at home.
and, I'll study tonight or something??

I hate this sort of anxious situations.
and I have them so often -.-

and Mid-Year's in May, I think?
and I'm kinda hoping my dad's going to Barcelona so that my sister and I can go with.
and I might not have to take it? (;

anyway, Open Day was yesterday.
I was SO tired after that.
and then I still went to Curve?
I came home and wanted to die.
I couldn't feel my damned legs.

my class' impersonation skit got 2nd.
we were kinda hoping for first?
I was really sad. :/
but the Little Red Riding Hood got first.
I didn't exactly watch it cause I was like, outside the hall.
but, I had A LOT of fun with the whole skit thing.
the practices and all were A LOT of fun.
lots of laughs and everything (;

and yesterday was also my last time to cheer this year.
which, also I had a lot of fun with the team and everything (:
even though I didn't practice much for Open Day cause I was pretty busy with the impersonation skit.
sorry. :/

I have no pictures or anything. but, I'll get them, I think?

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