Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I Feel It

you know, when you're not exactly doing anything,
and your mind just starts to wander,
so, anyway, it got me to recall
I lost my Boys Over Flowers dvd. -.-
yes, I know, I think about that a lot.
but, it just gets me so frustrated to think that it has to be SOMEWHERE.
but, I can't find it anywhere!

also, I realise, I'm not the only one that noticed Torres' change in attitude :/

I'm just gonna post the link up so I can read it another time.

The real problem was a curiously lacklustre Steven Gerrard and the new angry version of Fernando Torres who seems to have developed a temper over the summer that makes him less effective than when he treated every challenge with haughty indifference.

Sigh, Fernando Torres. buck upp.
or Aquilani! get well, I haven't seen what you've got (:

alsoooo, Elyas lent me all three seasons of Friday Night Lights.
I just started (:
and Class Test 4 is on Thursday after the holidays.
and now it's already Wednesday, I have yet to touch a book.
I'm going for the Kinabalu trip on Saturday. and it's until Tuesday. :/

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