Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunderland v. Liverpool

this 'morning' at 12:30am, was the Sunderland v. Liverpool football match.

results : Sunderland 0 - Liverpool 1

I stayed up to watch the match and some of the Olympics.

also view Amelia's Blog cause she wrote it with more detail

other than that, my days have been pretty normal.

I had Patriotic Run/Merdeka Carnival/Funtasia on Friday.
apologies, no pictures =/
I didn't attend Patriotic Run
but I had 3 football matches during the Merdeka Carnival.
and lost all 3, sadly.
but it was loads of fun.
I scored a goal (:

with help from Wen Chien.

the Funtasia performance wasn't so great.
but it was funny.

that's about it (:

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Am said...

I hatee cats.haha .dont tell me you like them!