Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I've got SO much to blog about.
some VERY happy (:
and VERYYY sad =/

first, the MAAs most of you that didn't attend must have watched it on Mtv. here are some pictures I took.[(apologies for blurry pictures) click to enlarge (;]
Host, Jared Leto from 30 Seconds to Mars Stephanie Sun? I think? and a band. the oh-so CUTE, Danny O' Donoghue from the band The Script. him, singing (: Awesome Super Junior. A Korean group. really HUGE group. that guy is the really CUTE one (: apparently, named, Shi Won? Panic at the Disco's RyRo! (: Bden Urie! Scream! (: Nine in the Afternoon this picture turned out especially clear. (: yes, you may steal! (: Brendon Urie's expressions are so cute and comical! (: Iman and Meiyi! DICKSON! (: I dapat jumpa dengan AMY! I haven't seen her in AGES Elyas and Meiyi Iman and Meiyi! Bunny People. one of them hugged me. LOL Adam C. The Script this is a random cute model whom we decided to take a picture with. everyone wasn't really ready. but Iman was being impatient (: Danny O' Donoghue (: this is just a random guy I decided to take a picture with. his dancing skills are UNBELIEVABLE. Malaysian Star * ! Joey Zehr (: Drummer of The Click Five. hottest one there (: this was just a REALLY cute guy. he's from some band. in Indonesia or in Thailand, not sure. but he's so adorable! (: Click Five guy. Tash and I (: the next morning, I woke up and 8 to eat breakfast with Daniel Khoo! it was his birthday! and he eats bake beans with nasi lemak :s Happy Belated Birthday, Daniel Khoo. it was HEAPS of fun (:

and then on Tuesday, I went to Panic at the Disco's concert (: wheeee. THAT was heaps load of fun too!
(apologies, Panic Concert pictures are blur)
Iman went for the press conference in KL Hilton and took pictures! (:
and I saw LEON there! (:
I don't like all 3 photos, but, too bad

ZACK! (:

One Buck Short! Opening Act.

This is the props dude (:


Bden Urie.

bla bla blaaaa.

so, yesterday, I had football practise.
it was kinda fun! (:
I'll be having practise again tomorrow!

okay, now to blog about today.
something happened last Friday, which I thought was the worst day of 15 years of my life.
but, no no.
apparently, it gets worse.
so it's all REALLY said. so I'm just going to say a few words that I've just been DYING to say.

wow. it HURTS.
bloody fuckin' hurts.
(and I never swear on my blog, ever. so, that's a first)

secondly, everyone out there,
you'd think you have friends?
think again.

trust doesn't come easy.

fourth, Elyas said and I quote!,
"choose your friends wisely"

and also! I have to thank my friends.

Eening for always being there for me
Dickson for being SO nice and comforting
Daniel Tham and Rong Tian for being so nice
Jeannie for being the goodie (:
Bernardine for comfort
Iman for talking about Panic =.= and giving me hugs (:
Shaun and Daniel Khoo for making me laugh.
Hansen for being so nice, and I'm so sorry (:
Elyas for "comfort" and jokes
and Michelle and Kat, cheer up :)

okey dokey! that's it.

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Bernardine said...

You have me, always :) And I love you to bits! Smile loveeee, so proud of you.