Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happily Ever After?

I think Amelia is probably really fascinated about the restaurant near my house (that she's never been to), KTZ Food.

I'll be kind of advertising the restaurant here.
and, my favourite dishes are,

"wall band"
it's this fried thingy with kaya inside or something?
reaaally good. (:

radish cake
you know radish?
well yeah, and some other stuff put into a cuboid. (:
verryy good (:

Mango Loh
this is a dessert, I guess?
it is shaved ice with mangoes and sago and some mango stuff.
this is extremely delicious.

(apologies, this looks kinda disgusting but I couldn't find another picture)
it's paper-wrapped chicken!
it's chicken, wrapped with paper and then fried.
yummmy (:

so yeah (: and like, loads moree!
everything was for Amelia to read. she's gone nuts.

I had tuition at 1pm to 3pm
and then at 3:30, I went over to Huiyi's house and Kim was there.
then I came home at 5:30 and ate an early dinner.
and then, (I feel bad to say this) came online.

so, that's about it.
there was/is some drama about today.
but, bagghh.

done done.

1 comment:

Am said...

i want to go there!

mangooo lohhh.And man i want the kaya thing.