Friday, May 1, 2009


I was EXTREMELY pissed.
as I woke up from my nap to catch the first air of American Idol at 6pm.
Kris Allen was amazingly cute during the group performance (;

bottom three:
Matt Giraud, Adam Lambert (?), Kris Allen (?).

my three favourites of the whole show.
I mean, Allison's good.
but, she's not exactly great.
neither's Matt. but I've grown a liking towards him.

anyway, Matt's in the bottom.
it's not that surprising since he's been pretty unstable with the votes lately.
but, the thing that ticked me was Kris Allen and Adam Lambert being in the bottom.
I'm getting a slight feeling the system is rigged (?)  to earn more money so that the fans will vote twice as much.
but, American Idol seems like a professional enough reality TV show to not do that.
so, I guess America didn't vote (?).
maybe most were probably thinking "what's the point? others'll vote"

I'm reading all the articles online and everyone's going crazy.
I am too. I mean, Adam Lambert in bottom TWO?
it's impossible, honestly.
I don't exactly like Danny Gokey.
was sorta wishing he would be bottom.
rather than Adam Lambert or Kris, of course.

I LOVE both of them, Kris and Adam.
and it's pretty obvious both of them didn't belong in the bottom 3.
they're is beyond AMAZING.

I'm not happy -.-

anyway, something else!
it's Labour Day tomorrow!
my classmates're going to the zoo tomorrow, I think?
I think I'll be going to OU with Iman and all.
to shop?
the difference is, I have no money -.-

on Saturday a few friends'll be coming for a movie marathon! (I think?)
Dickson is extra excited cause we'll be having a Saw marathon.

Mid-year Exams are in 2 weeks.
it's scares me half dead,
but I can't stand it.
Class Test 2 just ended!
I want my TV time!

just a brief about the year so far,
  • I'm actually enjoying form 4 so far.
  • I like my classmates!
  • things're pretty fun now.
  • I had a (estimated) 8 minute skit performance few weeks back
  • and now the class has to come up with a 45 minute one for an environment friendly day or something. but, I don't think I'll be part of it. just props or something.
  • my results haven't been that bad. I guess? pretty satisfying?
  • things at home have been a bit, ...
  • my lip is currently bleeding :/

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