Friday, May 1, 2009

To Change the World.

today was a day.
just, a day.

I woke up at around 11 something.
and went to lunch around 12:30.
was supposed to head to OU after that.
but, because Elyas wasn't going, I decided not to go (sorry, Aly)
I didn't want to be the 3rd wheel of many wheels -.-

so, after that, we headed to Tropicana City.
I went into the DVD store and I just felt like watching every single movie!
anyway, then, went to Carrefour.
bought some stuff.

I got home and watched Chuck (:
it's a nice movie so far.
but I hate how he always screws up.
but it's funny.

I had dinner.
my brother came back for a little while.
didn't spend much time with him, really.
he just, came and left.

so, tomorrow a few'll be coming for a movie marathon! (:
fun! I can't wait.

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