Thursday, May 7, 2009

Global Warming

it has been dyingly hot lately.
in school, it's freezing cold.
but just as I get out of the car, into the house,
I feel the burn.
it's awful.

anyway, had school today (of course)
pretty fun.
and tiring, as usual.

Barcelona drew with Chelsea this morning.
which I missed.
but Barcelona won from an away goal (:
by Iniesta if I'm not mistaken.

so then, I came home and had tuition.
ate dinner.
and voila.
I am now here.

Allison went out from American Idol.
which pisses me off to no end.
I mean, I LOVE Kris Allen.
but I wouldn't be surprised if he'd gone out.
cause he didn't shine as much as Allison did yesterday.
but the best would've been if Danny Gokey and his screamo ass would take the boot.
I can't stand the guy.
he HAS to go!
but instead, Allison left?
of all, Allison?
of course, Adam Lambert is my ultimate favourite (:
looking for indescribable awesomeness? there, you have it.
and the hometown heroes video by the past American Idols made me wanna cry.

okay, so still, MYEs are in less than 2 weeks.
and it's creeping closer!

see you, world!

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