Sunday, May 10, 2009

oh, the HEAT

hellooo, I am burning.
it is seriously HOT.
the weather is killing me.

anyway, today is Mother's Day.
I spent it well, a bit differently than most I guess.

I woke up pretty late, and then went for lunch at a chicken rice store at Jalan Gasing.
at which, I saw a Cesc Fabregas billboard.
anyway, then I came home and chilled and just chit chatted.
and then I was going to study, but my sister came up to me and said "let's go to Bukit Kiara"
so, we went.
I hit the gym with mom and dad.
then we went for an early dinner at a neighbourhood restaurant.

and now, I'm here.
at an air conditioned room but still, it's BURNING.
and I have tuition in about, 40 minutes. (;

so, taaa.

MYEs are in 8 days an counting!

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