Thursday, May 21, 2009

Are You Real?

so, I'm officially failing my Moral exam.
I hope my Chemistry won't turn out too bad though.

no school tomorrow ! (;
no exam !
no waking up early !

but then, there's next week -.-
I can't wait for all of it to end!

and also -.-
Kris Allen won.
yes, he's talented. and I do like him! and he's also cute and nice and everything.
but he's no Adam.
I mean, Kris is typical.
you can find anyone like Kris.
but Adam's spectacular
I don't understand how Adam could lose.
he is more talented than ANYONE could ever be.
I mean, article after article, video after video.
all the comments, Adam has SOO many fans!

but, I really think that Kris won not because people voted for HIM
but because people didn't want to vote for Adam.
so it was liking Kris that won, but disliking Adam.
Adam is the whole package with extra talent, rolled up into a box and GIVEN to America and American Idol.
and he doesn't win? -.- pee-eff-eff-tee

but, maybe it isn't such a bad thing that he doesn't win.
I mean, the single wasn't exactly good :/
hope he does welll :/

tuition later at 8:30 -.-

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