Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saw Through You

Happy Birthday Ni Ahn (:

today, 9th of May, is my little sister's birthday.
she pisses me a lot sometimes.
but, I love her (:

anyway, hello, World.
I'm just here to post a quick one.
then I'm off to do some revision.

yesterday was Friday.
had classes and a Chem test.
then I stayed back after school to catch the band prelims.

after that, went to Curve and watched Star Trek.
it was good. Chris Pine is kinda cute (;
after that Iman came and we just hung out in Borders/Starbucks.

woke up pretty early this morning.
and then went for lunch at around 11 something.
and now I'm here.

and I'm gonna go (;

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