Monday, December 29, 2008

Friends, Amazing Friends

I went to The Apartment, The Curve for lunch today.
with Eening, Jeannie and Amelia.

(pictures from Yeoh Eening!)
I reached and just a few minutes, a dish had already come for me.

it's called Andrew Pasta?
I think it's sorta Amelia's favourite dish.
but I didn't really like it.
It was kinda bitter.
but at the same time, overly salty.

the dessert.
1 glass was filled with strawberry and yoghurt.
and 1 glass was filled with peaches, kiwi and yoghurt.
but, I'm kinda allergic to kiwi?
and I can't eat yoghurt.
but, I liked the peaches!

so then, we were just stoning.
and then, I was like, "can't we go?"
and then the waiter came out with a cake!
and I was like, O_O
it was really sweet!

Amelia Chan, Jeannie TYN and Yeoh Eening!

and then Eening and I watched Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging.
the guys in it are, AMAZINGLY gorgeous.

anyway, results in just a matter of hours.
I think I'll just stay up.

that's about it!
loveyoutobitslahhhx! <3

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