Sunday, December 21, 2008

From Head to Toe

hellooo, earthlings!
I'd like to say HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY to CAROLYNN (:
I don't exactly know herr,
but I've been chatting with her for quite some time,
so, just wishing her a happy birthdayy!

alsooo, Happy Birthday Tamara! (:
my oh-so-very-cute cousinnn!

and last but no least,
Happy Birthday Jackson Rathboneeee! (:

other than that, there's a Liverpool match "tomorrow"
against Arsenal.
and I have a baaaad feeling about it.

I'm probably becoming a serious pessimist noww, :/
a bit scary.

I've "worked" at Caterpillar in Sri Hartamas for 3 daysss
the kids are just, ADORABLEE!

the pictures were from Friday,
we made muffins (:
and decorated themm!

(pictures below are editted. sorry if they look a little odd. was experimenting)

Kristina (left) and Thomas (right) !

Jade (left), Thomas (center) and Kristina (right)



Katherine and Jade!

Momoka (center) and Kento (right)


this is Kano!


isn't he adorableeeee?

she's sooo cuteee!

Kaylie, it was her birthday!

After cleaning up and when everyone had left,
Jade, Miya, Sam and I managed to decorate our own muffins!

this is Jade's
her American and British flag
with a marshmallow snowman next to it

this was Sam's!

Miya's! she did her's REALLY slowly and carefully!


the rest of Miya's.


L-R: Miya, Sam, Jade, Tesha

We headed off to Bangsar Shopping Complex after that.
Tamara went to the Jungle Gym.

Thomas' name tag stuck on Jade's phone.
he stuck it on my sleeve earlier that day.
but, I was NICE enough to give it to Jade (:

Cam Gigandet! (:

being retards at Jade's

After that, we went to pick Jessica up from the airport as she just came back from Perth!
she brought back loads of stuff!

these were weird Skittles.
the red ones were like,
Spicy Strawberry or something.
and they were actually spicy!
and there was a mint one too. very odd :s

anyway, I'm EXTREMELY tired.
it's already 3:40am!
which means I took like, more than 3 hours to finish up this post 

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