Monday, December 29, 2008

It's Not Anger

I'm calmmm! (:

I have pictures!
well, they're stolen.
some from Joshua's Facebook.

this is such an adorable picture.

AHAHAHA, Joshua.

anyway, there were matches today!
they put a HUGE smile on my face.
I was kinda at the wedding. but I left early.

so, I managed to see about, 20 minutes of the match?
so, I only saw the penalty.
it was friggin'
Newcastle United vs. Liverpool!

Liverpool 1 - Newcastle 0
Steven Gerrard!

Liverpool 2 - Newcastle 0
Sami Hyypia!

Liverpool 2 - Newcastle 1
David Edgar.

Liverpool 3 - Newcastle 1
Ryan Babel!

Liverpool 4 - Newcastle 1
Steven Gerrard!

Liverpool 5 - Newcastle 1
Xabi Alonso (Penalty) !

anddddd, Chelsea drew with Fulham!
(: (:

so, it's been a happy dayyy!!

I'm going to makan to the Makan Buddies tomorrow!
at The Apartment, The Curve?


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