Thursday, November 12, 2009

86,400 Seconds in a Day

I loove Adam Lambert.
but I'm definitely a Kris fan as well,
can't help it, but he looks extremeeely cute in the latest video. (;

anyway, I'm up.
going to bed soon I guess.
I wasn't planning on going to school.
and I REALLY don't want to. ekk.
damn, I feel like dyingg!
but, Eening's going to go :/
so, I'll just teman her.

was watching East of Eden
and it's going to drive me crazy!
everything's like O_O
I thought it'd be a predictable show and all.
but, 56 episodes really makes you wonder.
I'm not in the midst of the 17th episode! woohoo.
but, still lots more to go.
and it's really, A LOT of crazy shit that's happening!
blaghh, wonder how they end this thing.
jesus christ!
save me.
I want to continue watching,
but, I have to go to school tomorrow.
EKK. so reluctant.

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