Monday, November 9, 2009

That Would Cost Your Happiness, Please?

woohoo (:
I'll be going to school tomorrow.
there's basketball match, I think?
or netball?
anyway, I watched This Is It with Am, Jeannie and Eening today.
and then I watched East of Eden (a bit of it) with Am when the rest went back.
Park Hae Jin is so cute, by the way.

so, today was nothing much.
except, now, there's the whole Chelsea and Man Utd thing.
and later on, Liverpool will be playing with Birmingham.
I feel, like I'm giving up. seriously, I don't even bother with football anymore.
well, I try not to.

the best part about typing,
is that, no matter how sad or pissed off you are,
when you add a smiley at the end of the sentence,
people just assume you're doing great.
the smiley can be extremely convincing (:


it's 3:45am, Liverpool should be playing Birmingham about now.
and East of Eden just keeps adding characters in, and I'm getting so confused with EVERYTHING
and I hate watching shows that way.
really, just hate it.
I get so frustrated.
so, conclusion, I will sleep.
look at the Liverpool scores tomorrow morning.
do something about my "confusations"
and play tomorrow's match.

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