Tuesday, November 24, 2009


jeez, way to make me feel any better.
thanks, for the little things you've said that you didn't realize actually felt like knives.
you could've at least acted like you gave two cents about it.

blaghh, holidays have been so, nothing!
it hasn't exactly been boring,
but all I've been doing is watching tv, playing cards with the siblings, going online.
which I guess isn't exactly BAD.
but still, sigh.


there's sooo much I can do.
and that I want to do.
I haven't been reading much,
so I really should keep reading.
I wanna do some sudoku too.
and I need to finish East of Eden.
there's so much, that I just don't know where to start!
the holidays can get pretty overwhelming,
I'm getting tired just by doing nothing.
I've been sleeping maybe a little too much.
gaining back the sleep I lost for the year, maybe?

something's wrong with my hip.
it's aching.

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