Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In My Battery-operated Car

I don't know why, but I'm in an extremely motivational mood.
anyway, here're a few highlights of the day:

  • missed school
  • went over to Eening's house at about 9am.
  • watched My Girl and East of Eden at Eening's
  • supposedly had a netball match, but the teacher was being all funny
  • had a basketball match which we lost, and there was a wholeee lot of drama. and the thing is, I don't mind. at first I was a little bugged, just fighting for our rights. maybe we'll have a rematch. but I'm just so lazy, I don't think I'd mind if we just lose this thing :/
  • I can't find my specs, lost it somewhere in school.
  • told my mom about losing the specs and she said "try to find it" I responded with, "I can't find it!" she responds with, "go back tomorrow and look for it" no new ones for me :/
  • I wanna buy El Nino: My Story, but I should save.
  • I'm moving in 3 months, 'cause we sold the house VERY, VERY suddenly.
  • I'm really, REALLY going to miss my house. I mean, I LOVE IT! it's pretty, it's cosy, it's familiar, it can get a little scary, but it's familiar!
  • I watched Ji Hyun marry Myung Hoon, which is just plain stupid. The person rapes you and it obviously affects your WHOLE life. how're you supposed to live through your EVERY DAY facing the person who did that to you. it's just crazy. and it makes me mad, as much as I love Park Hae Jin -.-
  • I wanna set some goals.
  • Hyun Joong is acting in a new show! (:
I will now continue the show (:

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