Saturday, November 7, 2009

I Feel the Salty Waves Come in

I just watched Jennifer's Body "today" with Shafiq, Elyas, Jian Yong, Jas, Ee Lin and Dickson.
a little retarded and also a little creepy.

anyway, I was just doing the Su Doku book that Elyas got me from Australia.
which I feel extremely grateful for (: 'cause mine's practically DEAD.
and it cost like, 15 AUD.
which is almost RM50!
and you can get a Su Doku book here for about, RM12. -.-
BUT, this isn't your ordinary Su Doku book.
it has NO actual value.
literally. NONE.
they only cage a few boxes and tell you the sum of that cage.
so, it's pretty tough.
I finished 2.
I didn't time the first one, but the 2nd took me 45 minutes and 10 seconds. :/
and the time limit was 17 minutes!
"the deadliest collection yet"
it makes my copy seem EXTREMELY easy.

also, there were supposed to be plans for baking at Eening's house with Kat and her.
but, she's got some basketball thing,
so, it's cancelled. :/

OH! and not to forget, I went to MPH to buy some stuff. (:
'cause I can't help but spend when I have money to spend!
anyway, I gathered and counted.
and it reached up to about RM20, give or take.
so I went to the counter.
the lady scanned everything and it stated on the price label thing "RM 6.40"
so I just looked around thinking probably she hadn't finished scanning all of it.
and she looks and me and says, "it's 6 ringgit 40 cents"
so I looked at her, SO confused.
and I was like, "huh?" I thought maybe the display had problems and I heard her wrongly.
and then she says, "RM6.40"
I asked, "are you sure? for all of that?"
and she said, "yeah yeah"
I just looked at her with a confused look.
and kept asking her if she was sure.
and she looked at me weirdly, probably wondering why I was looking at her weirdly.
so, I was expecting myself to walk out the bookstore and the alarms would go off.
then she'd know what I was talking about.
but, strangely, THEY DIDN'T GO OFF!
so I just went off -.-
turns out, she didn't charge me for the 3 stacks of coloured paper I bought.
which would sum up to about, 13bucks?
I felt guilty all the way home.
until I thought to myself, "this is a good thing! I just got lucky"
I don't believe in karma in the first place.
and if it's anything, I know that doing good, doesn't get you any far than doing bad does.
so, hmp (:

well, it's all pretty wordy.
but, I'mma continue East of Eden.
Park Hae Jin is sooo sexyy.

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