Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Through the Trees

I wonder if the Low Shoulder band that starred in Jennifer's Body that sang the song
if it was really sung by ADAM BRODY? :p

anywhoo, we had a netball match against 4Aristotle today.
rough match, alright.
it ended a draw. 2-2
call this ironic if you must,
but Liverpool drew 2-2 as well.
which, I jut realised,
in the same way too!
we scored the first goal, and Aristotle came back with the equaliser.
and then they scored again, and we equalised.
ohshiit. that's creepy.
anyway, I thought it didn't go that bad.
I mean, could've been worse?

also, I'm planning to sleep early again, no naps.
never mind, I won't.
I think I'm going to school late tomorrow (:

big news, mom claims we're selling the house.
the couple just came, looked around and said, "okay, we'll buy it"
I'm proud of the house, 'cause it could just make a couple decide there and then.
but I'm sad, 'cause we're selling it! ):
there's the house in Damansara Heights and all.
but, we never stayed there. so, we'll definitely miss this house.
and that house needs renovation and all that crap.
so we'll have to rent another place while that place renovates.
and renovation hasn't even started! :/
gosh, how's this gonna work?

okay, watching East of Eden now.
the episodes on average are 1 hour to about 1 hour 10 minutes?
but this episode is like, 1 hr 22 minutes.
it's almost a movie!
gosh, they're sooooo longg O_o
at episode 12 now.
lots more to go.

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