Saturday, November 28, 2009


wow. today has been pretty exhausting.
I had awful sleep.
just dying of pain.
mom's been in a bad mood.
which sometimes really bugs the living crap outta me.
I'm so tired!

anyway, the song Leave by Matchbox Twenty is soooo nice (;
makes me just wanna sleep off to the song.

ohmygod! I just recalled my dream. lol.
extremely, EXTREMELY weird dream.
just, too weird. O_O


okay, it's almost 3 in the morning.
and I just need to let some stuff out.
I might be going crazy over here.
gosh, yesterday, as creepy as this may sound, I was laughing to myself.
I was laughing at everything.
just surfing through the net, and giggling and smiling to myself.
I found it a little creepy, but, probably no harm there.
and now, I'm finding myself TEARING? and then crying?
so, yes, I think I might just be going a little crazy there.
gosh, I'm screwed.
and I just feel like my mind's about to implode.
it's all haywire.
and I don't even know why, I've got nothing in particular to feel anxious about!

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