Sunday, November 15, 2009

Quack You.

blagh, I'm tired.
but I feel like taking a late shower.
which I will soon (:
I didn't go for the education fair.
whole looong story.

anyway, I had quite a long day today.
and it was like, a lot of meals O_o
started off with lunch at Teow Chew Meng nearby.
we walked there
(note this: walking to Teow Chew Meng. something I'll be missing when I MOVE)
then, we decided to go to Pavillion
since my mom was going for Barbie's 50th Anniversary Charity Auction thing.
so, after lunch, we were off!
then, we did a little shopping.
I bought a nice shirt from Gap (:
and then headed off to Times bookstore.
I was looking for El Nino: My Story.
but, they didn't have it.
instead, they had the Fernando Torres Biography.
which I ended up buying (;
the Times bookstore there is just LOVELY by the way.
gahh, I love it.
and then we ended up eating at the cafe 'cause the brother and sister were hungry -.-
right after our pretty long meal,
we headed off
on the way back, dad was like "chicken rice for dinner?"
sooo, we went for chicken rice dinner.
I'm practically still full :/

anyway, change of plans, I'm moving, yes.
but! on the 1st of January.
how crazy is that? ):

also, I came home and wrapped the book I got.
and decided to cross-stitch (:
gave up after like, 1 part of it.
took SOO long.
so I did a little bit of a bracelet thing,
which now I'm now too lazy to do.
and now, I'm here (:

blaghh, all in all, today was a pretty good day!
going to Eening's house tomorrow with Kat.
Kat pierced her ears!
also, Eening and I planned an outing for Wednesday after school.
and I really hope people turn up.
blaghh. not so easy to plan a big outing.

g'night, World (;

oh, also, my mom spent RM5,000 today.
during the auction.
and bought a gown -.-
which she found extremely ugly.
loong story.


blagh, it was like, 'snap'
and all of a sudden, I'm in such an ekkkk mood.
sigh. :/
whyy, yoouuuu!

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