Monday, November 30, 2009

Will You Meet Me Halfway?

gosh, Johnny Depp is crazy sexy. mmmm (:
so's Brad Pitt. :O
and Ryan Reynolds!
I've been watching a LOT of tv.
Katy Perry is SOO beautiful! blaghh. Looove her.
and Pixie Lott is an AMAZING dancer.

I'm tired :/


herlooos, it's about 2:30am noww.
watching tv -.-
I've been so ekkk.
but I went to the park today!
with Huiyi and Sherren. traded stories and all.
good to see them (:
I have some "meeting" with an agent or something.
trying to apply to Concorde College :/
among the thousands of people that apply, what the hell are the chances that I get in? :/
this sucksssss.

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