Thursday, November 19, 2009

Was Just Wondering, Maybe Even Hoping.

school's overrrr!
holidays have officially started.
not sure what I'm going to do :/
there's nothing I planned on doing.
nowhere I'm going to go!

anyway, we won GOLD for basketball yesterday.
and then had an amazing night at OU together.

the whole class went to OU for a class outing.
it was pretty funny, having 20 over people walk in a giant group.
but it was loads fun! (:
too lazy to get into details.



okay, okay.
I'm not doing much, so I decided to update a bit (:
(or a lot)
and I'll watch East of Eden after this.


after we all lost in netball,
we decided to stay back for a while for a little fun
played some "basketball"
it's like, footketball
see, it was raining HEAVILY.
so, we went to the amphitheatre,
and there aren't any hoops,
so, we just marked a spot where, you'd have to get the ball past the line.
which was really easy, but yet, tricky.

after that, I went to OU with my brotherr
got 22 tickets to Time Traveler's Wife,
got reservations at TGIF for 27 people.
which was when I saw Sticky!
they have this new place at OU,
where they sell those sweets you can get from Australia!
I got excited with my brother.
but we had to leave fast.


huge drama over basketball.
but anyway, we played.
and won! (: which made us really happy.
Eening and I had to go through a HUGE jam on the way home
got ready and off to OU!
yada yada, went for movie.
which wasn't bad. but, wasn't that great either.
after that, all 20+ of us as a WHOLE walked all the way to TGIF.
dinner was LOADS fun.
took a bunch of pictures and everything (:
I had a blast!
oh, not to forget, I bought my Fernando Torres book


woke up early for school.
which I extremely regret going for.
but, after break, it was all pretty okay I guess (:
the emoness felt like it was going to be the end of the world or something.
we took a bunch of fun pictures together and everything.

I think that sums it up?

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