Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hypocritical You

I like my things organised,
each item placed where it's supposed to be placed.
and you agreed.
agreed and suddenly disagreed?
you take it, you put it back.
we have sufficient amount for everything to be put into place.
why're you suddenly complaining now?
you dug your own grave.
but refused to go in it,
and not know your wrongs.
you take my things, and just leave them around.
which, actually, is fine by me.
I'll just put them back.
but then you get them dirty and you just leave it there,
I know it's not any intention to bug me.
but it's your lack of consideration that you don't see.
and then you get mad at me.
which by now, I've already stopped to care.
but jeez, stop to think and look at what you're doing.
I guess we all hate each other once in a while.

hellooooo, it's been dull holidays.
I haven't really been doing much. ekkk.
everything's just so, mediocre and nothing.
that it feels like we're moving in slow motion.
just trying to get through the day.

I don't want to move. :/

you seem to purposely dislike what I like,
and then like what I dislike.
screw you. I give up (which, apparently, I easily do give up -.- )

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