Sunday, November 22, 2009


I'm at home alone.
the family went out for lunch
'cause they refused to wait for me to shower first -.-
claiming that I take too long.

anyways, yesterday was a pretty bleghh day.
nothing much.
went for lunch at Wendy's in Jaya One
then dinner at TGIF in OU.

Liverpool drew 2-2 to Manchester City.
which was when Elyas and I decided to become Bluenoses
Bluenoses are what the fans of Birmingham City F.C. are called.
they beat Fulham 1-0 yesterday.
at least someone won.

I'm now watching Hot Blood online, since I've missed the passed few episodes.
and this weird dude keeps using idioms and metaphors and similes.
it's weird.

also, I have no idea how to use eBay.
I was thinking of selling my Korean dramas 'cause their boxing is ugly.
yeah, it might be a little weird to do that
but they sell nicer ones with a cheaper price than I bought it for!
which is like my Sims 3 incident all over again -.-

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