Thursday, November 12, 2009

Get by with a Little Help from My Friends

didn't go to school (:
Eening didn't go either, thank god.
been watching East of Eden the whole time.
the songs are soo nice and show is driving me crazy.

tomorrow, I'll be going to school.
we have a basketball rematch.
which kinda worries me.
I'm kinda reluctant to play. it's so ekk.
hopefully we can have netball as well.
so we can get it done.

so I guess, school tomorrow.
now, I'll get back to East of Eden since I'm kinda slooow

I can't stand you. really.
and believe me, how I'm trying to tolerate the shit I have to put up with.
I was hoping for a change, we were hoping for a change.
but damn, why were we so dumb to believe you would
I can't stand you. really.

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