Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Is Something Wrong?

I've got Add Math and Chem Paper 3 tomorrow.
technically, not tomorrow but later. lol.
I just watched episode 13 of Cinderella's Sister.
ohmahgawddd, I can't decide, I love both the guys!
but, maybe a little more on Taecyeon's side :p
nah, AGH, I'm not sure.

anyway, I slept at like 5:30am last night.
I'm REALLLY lacking sleep.
but, I don't seem to be very tired now.
I think there might be a problem with my sleeping habits.
or whatever is wrong inside of me that enables me to just stay up all the time!
I might die a little early, though. lol.

eeep! I'll watching episode 14 tomorrow, then (:


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