Thursday, February 5, 2009


I had my teeth plucked out today!
it wasn't so bad.
it was pretty fun, actually.
the only thing was AFTER it.
it is SOO tiring to feel numb. 

anyway, Liverpool vs. Everton now.
and I'd say it is a SCARY match.
the fans, the game, everything.
the players are being a bit violent,
the fans boo at anything and almost everything!

and the whole of Everton started clapping and shouting when Gerrard was taken off.
and something seems a bit off with Torres.
all he's being so rough now.
and all the Everton fans are booing him.

what a match. :/

1 comment:

Am said...

You stayed up to watch?But it was around 4 in the morning.

Woman,dont we have school?hah:)