Sunday, February 22, 2009

How They Play

hello, humans (:
I got my braces yesterday :/
I don't know how long I'll be having it for,
but I'd say I was pretty excited to get it.
and yesterday, after I got it, I was "oh, cool! yay"
but now that I have it on, :s I can't imagine having it for like, 2 years or something.
and I'm pretty worried if the result won't jadi.
like, it won't turn out so nice.
cause I was actually pretty satisfied with my teeth before the braces :/

anyway, I refuse to post up a picture of it. (:

okay, yesterday, I had dinner at Curve!
we ate at Paddington House of Pancakes?
then went to Ikea and bought some stuff.

this is the billboard when you turn left after exiting Curve!
there was an advert on the paper that also had "I don't see a wall, I see the gaps"
but, it doesn't appear anymore.
and I can't find the friggin' ad online -.-
it's a Nike Ignite. (:

so after that, we came home and yada yada.
nothing much.

so, gotta go! have Sejarah notes to complete :/

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Am said...

Hardworking Tesha doing her history notes!:):)