Thursday, February 12, 2009

I See Dead People

hello, peeps!
I had Sejarah and Add Math Class Tests today.
I'm not sure how I did for Add Math,
but I'm pretty positive that the results for my Sejarah are worse than I feel.
which, is BAD.

we got our BM results today.
bleggh. I'd say, they weren't so good.

anyway, I am Class Test-less tomorrow!
so, I think I'll sleep at around 1 cause I've been so tired in the evenings lately.

mygoodness, it's been so boring lately!
anyway, Spain beat England 2-0 in their friendly "this morning"?

soo, I'm gonna go watch the last repeat of American Idol cause I fell asleep and couldn't catch the first one (:

yes, I know. boring post -.-

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