Thursday, June 25, 2009

Say No to Racism, Respect

I can't upload a picture cause the blogspot has an issue.

HAPPY 15th BIRTHDAY, Elyas Izzat Zulhisham (:

anyway, I'm currently watching Spain vs. USA
blagh, Torres looks soo shexayy.
Iker Casillas too!
Cesc Fabregas as well! O.o

Spain FIFA Ranking #1
USA FIFA Ranking #15.
hope Spain does well (:

I am EXTREMELY tired. but I have to stay up for this.
I needa watch Torres score. (: hopefully he does!

I've been going Hyun Joong crazy.
no joke.
never thought I'd go crazy for a Korean (;
or a group! since he's in SS501.
I've been youtube-ing.
gah, he's just too adorable for words.

some USA player, Donovan, just hurt Fabregas :o
I don't know ANY of the American players. it's weird.
Spain's jersey is really pretty (;

I thought I was going back to school tomorrow (Thursday)
but turns out, I'm not.
but I THINK I'll be going for cheer!
most likely.
I've been feeling really bad for missing out.
on A LOT.


it's been 12 minutes.
and Spain have not scored.
they should be scoring.
Fernando Torres just scored a hat-trick against New Zealand within 17 minutes!
come on.
Torres missed a shot.
it was tough.
but then when he was lying on the grass,
the USA goalkeeper tapped him on the back.
gah, how badly I wanna do that.
I bet the goalkeeper enjoyed it too ):


arghh, Fernando Torres isn't scoring yet.
nobody is.
and Fernando Torres shouldn't be allowed to be so sexyy.
BUT, he's getting rude.
and I don't like it :/


still, not scoring and it's been 23 minutes.
an American dude just made a foul throw-in. lol.


USA just scored. 1-0
the first goal Spain have conceded in the Confederations Cup.
and it was USA to score.
maybe it's because I'm watching that it results in disappointment.
I watched the Iraq match and I watched for such a long time before I saw them score a goal.
the rest, 5-0 against New Zealand.
nope, didn't catch it.
I can't believe it.
and the goal scorer just got a yellow card for taking his shirt of during celebration. lol.


tough shot by David Villa.
still, no goals from Spain. -.-
and Torres keeps going offside.


Torres is seriously beginning to look more smug!
no no no no no!
he's been showing rude hand gestures.
not goood!
blagh! ish.
Capdevila just got a yellow card.
and a close short by USA, Dempsey.
come on, Spain. jeeez!
61% to 39% possession.
Spain with 69.
and yet, no goals. -.-
yet, they're behind. whuuuuut?

oh, gosh.
how is Spain losing?
how is Spain LOSING?
arshh! Torres nearly had a shot.
but, he slipped so slightly.
gejw;ljgKL;EJ;lgkql ARGH.


no goal.
gahh, Torres is getting obnoxious and snobbish.
I mean, I wouldn't know.
but he seems to be getting ruder!
but he's just too gorgeous.
even when he plays.
and HOW he plays.
and his SPEED when he runs.
what am I to do?

USA 1 - 0 Spain.


I really have no idea what I would do if Spain doesn't win.
I mean, come onnn! :/
Fernando Torres? do somethinnggg!


I'm getting really annoyed.
and really annoyed.
USA scored the 2nd goal.
ahhhh! I'm so angryyy!
I shouldn't have watched the match!
I really shouldn't have.


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