Monday, March 29, 2010

Oosh, That's Bad

oooop, it's been a while since I last blogged?
anyway, Class Test 2 is coming up.
starting on the 5th of April to the 9th.
which REALLY bugs me.
and then they give us a collage project.
that's due on the 9th!
and it's not easy finding nice pictures of the rainforest!

also, Kat's going to be back by the 1st of April! AGHH
so excitedddd :D

also, just finished watching the Liverpool highlights.
they won 3-0 against Sunderland!
Fernando Torres' goal was SUPERB!
as usual, he's my herooo :D

Jang Geun Suk is going to Singapore.
and my GOSH I wanna go so badly!
but I think the prices are like, 250++ Sing Dollars?
which are wayy toooo expensive for me.
but I'm dying to go ):
I guess I'll just have to keep watching from afar.
until I marry him (:

school starts again.
I reeeeally need to start studying.
but then, there's also the collage thing!
sigh, Sejarah and Bio are my weaknesses.
need to really read up on those and slot in some collage time -.-
sigh. I don't knowwwww what to do.
and how to manage everything properly.
not to forget how much the internet is just sucking me in.
google and youtube are my enemies, but I love them ):

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